Diet of the Apes

By Kurt Belzer There seems a continual battle of agendas between the vegetarian-vegan community and the carnivorous-omnivorous community about the use of our wild relatives as a template for a natural diet and about what a natural ape diet really comprises. You see, many of us want to believe and prove that the nonhuman apes do not partake in the flesh of sentient animals to justify our bleeding-heart compassion for an ever-disappearing population of those animals. Yet, many want to believe and prove that our brethren of the jungles are as brutal hunters as ourselves to justify our abundant consumption … Continue reading Diet of the Apes

Still Searching

By Kurt Belzer Lisa and I have looked at and struggled to make sense of a variety of claims from different nutritional lifestyle authors and presenters, each declaring the validity of their own dietary belief systems. All in all, this has really developed into a religion among modern contemporaries. Experts, self-proclaimed and otherwise, stand up and detail the hows and whys of their nutritional plans and how it will change lives. All the while insisting that they aren’t selling a “diet” but a “lifestyle” as they seek to build a congregation of followers. In numerous cases one might find references … Continue reading Still Searching