A Word That Brings Peace

By Kurt Belzer As the year progresses we continue to face life’s challenges. On 17 July 2015, we watched with sober respect as our brave and gentle BuddhaCat journeys into the next plane of his existence, joining with the beautiful BuddhaDog only 28 days hence. For 24 years BuddhaCat graced our world with his small stature and enormous energy. Judged not by the size of his frame but by the greatness of his heart. BuddhaCat was known by many for the smiles and the light that he brought into the lives he touched. His calm and peaceful kindness was always … Continue reading A Word That Brings Peace

Gentle into the Night

By Kurt Belzer Lisa and I have been away from our blog for a time. It has been an eventful Spring season this year. Only days after the spring equinox in late March we lost one of our dogs. The amazing Aries, whom we regularly called “Bacon” for is eating habits, left us with lessons of truth, knowing, and love. We have little knowledge of his life before he came to our family in January of 2012, except that after nine loyal years to his former family, he was left at the Friends of Homeless Animals (FoHA) shelter in Northern … Continue reading Gentle into the Night