Tiny Dancer and Sleeping Beauty

By Kurt Belzer Behind shy, dark, and watchful eyes lie a beauty that shone like a full moon in the clearest Northern sky. Cody was ever vigilant and often aloof, with a sensitivity we’ve never known before her. She kept her own counsel and was highly skilled at evading physical touch but the adoring attention she earned was unmistakeable. A paradox, as it was difficult not to want to touch her in every moment. Her coat was as soft and gentle as her spirit. Her youth and energy as vibrant as the morning sun. Her favorite activities were dancing for … Continue reading Tiny Dancer and Sleeping Beauty

Diet of the Apes

By Kurt Belzer There seems a continual battle of agendas between the vegetarian-vegan community and the carnivorous-omnivorous community about the use of our wild relatives as a template for a natural diet and about what a natural ape diet really comprises. You see, many of us want to believe and prove that the nonhuman apes do not partake in the flesh of sentient animals to justify our bleeding-heart compassion for an ever-disappearing population of those animals. Yet, many want to believe and prove that our brethren of the jungles are as brutal hunters as ourselves to justify our abundant consumption … Continue reading Diet of the Apes

Still Searching

By Kurt Belzer Lisa and I have looked at and struggled to make sense of a variety of claims from different nutritional lifestyle authors and presenters, each declaring the validity of their own dietary belief systems. All in all, this has really developed into a religion among modern contemporaries. Experts, self-proclaimed and otherwise, stand up and detail the hows and whys of their nutritional plans and how it will change lives. All the while insisting that they aren’t selling a “diet” but a “lifestyle” as they seek to build a congregation of followers. In numerous cases one might find references … Continue reading Still Searching

Sweet and Sour

By Kurt Belzer ​Today is the first day of the cherry tree blossoms. We enter into the Spring season short another family member, as we mourn the passing of sweet Amy. Her body has finally failed her but she lives on in our consciousness. It was on this same day and within the same hour, one year ago, that we all said our final farewells to Amy’s special friend and nemesis, Aries. They both played to win but it was also evident that they were meant to be together in their later years and we think it likely that they … Continue reading Sweet and Sour