Tiny Dancer and Sleeping Beauty


By Kurt Belzer

Behind shy, dark, and watchful eyes lie a beauty that shone like a full moon in the clearest Northern sky. Cody was ever vigilant and often aloof, with a sensitivity we’ve never known before her. She kept her own counsel and was highly skilled at evading physical touch but the adoring attention she earned was unmistakeable. A paradox, as it was difficult not to want to touch her in every moment. Her coat was as soft and gentle as her spirit. Her youth and energy as vibrant as the morning sun. Her favorite activities were dancing for food or to avoid human touch and sleeping. For 15 and 1/2 long years she blessed a Northern Virginia family with her graceful presence. For 2 and 1/2 years more she brought joy and beauty into our lives. We are grateful to have known Cody and many hearts travel with her as she carries a multitude of memories across Rainbow Bridge. Her physical form is returned to the ground but her love and memories endure. Cody was given her final Earthly rest on 27, December 2017 at 10:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time. She is survived by her family, Murphy, Lisa, and Kurt and by her closest friend, Paxton. Please join us in wishing Cody well in her odyssey.

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