Sweet and Sour


By Kurt Belzer

​Today is the first day of the cherry tree blossoms. We enter into the Spring season short another family member, as we mourn the passing of sweet Amy. Her body has finally failed her but she lives on in our consciousness. It was on this same day and within the same hour, one year ago, that we all said our final farewells to Amy’s special friend and nemesis, Aries. They both played to win but it was also evident that they were meant to be together in their later years and we think it likely that they are together now. Amy might have left us long ago, were it not for her stoic stubbornness. So many occasions have past when we thought Amy was at her end and so many occasions have past when she stood up, brushed herself off and carried on. Every mortal has a final day but Amy fought the good fight like none we’ve witnessed before. A sensitive old lady, she could be grumpy around an abundance of activity. Yet, her caring nature is undeniable. She was with us for only two and a half years, reaching an undetermined age somewhere between fourteen and sixteen. We are thankful for the time that we had to know her and look forward to our time with her in another dimension.

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