A Word That Brings Peace


By Kurt Belzer

As the year progresses we continue to face life’s challenges. On 17 July 2015, we watched with sober respect as our brave and gentle BuddhaCat journeys into the next plane of his existence, joining with the beautiful BuddhaDog only 28 days hence. For 24 years BuddhaCat graced our world with his small stature and enormous energy. Judged not by the size of his frame but by the greatness of his heart. BuddhaCat was known by many for the smiles and the light that he brought into the lives he touched. His calm and peaceful kindness was always right on time. He left us in the same peaceful manner in which he lived his life. He taught us patience, flexibility, and resilience. It is not without difficulty that we stand witness as our loved ones leave us behind and we trudge through the triumphs and tribulations of physical life. Yet, we are grateful for the love and happiness that BuddhaCat brought to us for so many wonderful years. We are very thankful to everyone that helped us to provide the first class holistic care that allowed BuddhaCat a long and peaceful life with us.

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