Am I Broken or Fixed?

Ounce Prevention

By Kurt Belzer

I am a firm supporter of the “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” philosophy. What are the true confirmations of “broken” or “fixed” within our health conditions? Is it a common cold? Is it a broken bone? How about a failed organ? Is everything really okay if we can address our symptoms with pharmaceutical medicines? Are we okay to just function or should we strive to thrive? Will we leave it to the medical community to define “broken” or “fixed?” Will we choose our own answers?

In allopathic medicine we see the practice of reactionary medicine. In other words, Western culture has become very adept at addressing symptoms as they develop in our health conditions. The experts need not be concerned with why a kidney fails, only that it has failed. A very large and lucrative industry has grown out of producing pharmaceuticals and performing surgeries to address post-problematic issues. Very little thought is given to the idea that the body can usually heal itself given optimal conditions. Rather than attempting to create optimal conditions within the human body that may allow for a kidney to heal, allopathic practices look for methods to keep the human body functioning, be it in poor condition or otherwise. Experts and organizations are formed from and thrive within this thought space.

Modern, Westernized naturopathic medicine has often come to incorporate the same methodology and philosophy as allopathic medicine through the use of expensive supplements and exotic herbal treatments. The science isn’t really different between Western naturopathy and allopathy, they just use different medicines. A naturopathic industry has formed around the production and sales of supplements extracted from natural foods and herbs. These supplements are administered in concentrated form under the auspices of addressing symptomatic conditions brought on by illness and disease. Again, the experts don’t have to burden themselves with a comprehensive understanding of a kidney failure. They simply must charge themselves with which naturopathic extract to prescribe in order to keep the body functioning despite the breakdown of the kidney.

True naturopathic medicine takes a holistic approach. Why did the kidney fail in the first place? What conditions existed that caused the failure and what conditions continue to exist that propagate the kidney disfunction? The holistic path seeks to remove the conditions that cause us to become ill or diseased and reroute our lifestyle toward a healthier course. To give us the freedom of living without supplements and drugs. This holistic approach will likely come down to our nutritional regimen.

Dietary research is not just about eating more fruits and vegetables, especially within a delicate health condition. It is about REMOVING consumption of unnatural substances from our lifestyles. What is natural for us to consume? Are burgers natural? Are pizzas natural? Are dairy products natural? Is food from a box or a bag natural? Is it natural to eat genetically modified or chemically treated produce? The kidneys must filter every bit of the unnatural opprobrium we ingest. A holistic plan would seek to eliminate the ingestion of ALL unhealthy foods to give the failing kidney an opportunity to heal.

The kidneys also filter through all of the unnatural substances applied ON our bodies. Soaps, lotions, and perfumes that contain petroleum products are in abundance and cheap. What happens to the kidneys that need to filter all of the chemicals that are absorbed through the skin? Holistic health aims to eliminate these chemicals to support an optimal environment for healing.

In the spirit of holistic care, true naturopathy should also look at the emotional health conditions that cause a kidney to fail. Yes, emotional conditions. Allopathy cannot measure and so will discount the chemical releases and processing of foreign chemicals as affected by emotions. The holistic remedy addresses the cause of a kidney failure by looking at emotional history. Did the child grow up around tension? Was the child not afforded the opportunity to be a child? Is the adult seeking to carry responsibility for others? Are the kidneys filtering through the emotional discharges of other people? The holistic practitioner would want to address any emotional backups that continually bring our kidneys to filter through unnecessary baggage.

This is not to assert that allopathic and modern naturopathic treatments don’t have their place. Pharmaceuticals can be great to address an immediate need for relief. Supplements may work great to enhance an already vibrant condition. If you break a rib, well, you’re going to need some emergency care and some painkillers may not be too objectionable either.

In the end, be honest with yourself. Understand that you can change your health if you are willing to change your thoughts and your actions. It starts with little steps but the change begins to happen only after we’ve wholly stopped polluting ourselves. So if you carry the weight of chronic illness or disease take stock of your lifestyle and realize your own definition of “fixed.”

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