Stella, Our Starlight

Stella Star 01

By Kurt Belzer

This is a very special full moon and a very special Valentine’s Day for us. We want to take a moment to give tribute to a truly beautiful and gentle soul. Stella, which is the latin term for star, was every bit a bright light in our lives. Many have been touched by Stella. Her quiet elegance brought inexplicable smiles to the sourest moments. Her soft presence abated even the most hardened passer by. We are honored to have witnessed her life and benefited from her benevolence. She would have been 14 years old today, February the 14th of 2014, but she passed on to the next phase of her journey last summer and now graces another realm with her regal countenance. Stella taught us the values of strength, peace, and acceptance. Most of all we will miss her loving kindness. In the end the world is most drawn to the kind souls. The accomplishments and connections, no matter how big or small, are remembered most of those that engendered true and abundant kindness. A princess through and through, we thank her for her grace and love.

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